Launchbot v3

· 1 min read

I’ve been using Launchbot, my open source startpage app to open collections of websites with one click, almost daily in my morning routine for over eight years. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve worked on version 3, which comes with many new features and a new foundation.


  • Refactored JS: ES modules, ECMAScript 2017
  • Refactored CSS: PostCSS, BEM, based on my code-guide
  • Added tooling (currently webpack) to scale development
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added theme support, with two default themes (dark, light)
  • Added plugin support, with two default plugins (weather, age)
  • Added plugin cache in localStorage
  • Added config cache in localStorage
  • Added settings UI to update config in the browser


Check out the online version, or get your own copy to self-host on GitHub.

Dark theme

Launchbot version 3: Dark theme

Light theme

Launchbot version 3: Light theme