How I Developed a Social Network in Two Weeks

Over the last two weeks I’ve developed a niche social network around childhood videogames, called my childhood games.


In order to rapidly develop a prototype I decided to use the proven PHP framework CodeIgniter. Newer frameworks like FuelPHP or Laravel are promising, but their documentation and community lacks behind CodeIgniter’s.

For the view/front-end I settled with the Bootstrap framework from Twitter.

A Note about Frameworks

Frameworks include knowledge. They can tremendously accelerate and simplify the development process. There is no need to re-invet the wheel, most functions already exists. Established frameworks are based on best practices and should have a secure base, if you use them consistently and correctly. Furthermore you don’t have to maintenance the core.

My Niche Social Network

As said my childhood games is a niche social network focused on childhood videogames.

People can register with Facebook, Twitter or create an independent my childhood games account. Afterwards they can select their favorite childhood games, who are automatically pulled from the API of, but you can also submit missing games or even add game details. Everybody gets a public profile url ending with their username, if it isn’t disabled in their privacy settings. Every game favorite gets a like, which reflects in the top 100 list. I’m sure people will discover new masterpieces on my childhood games. The complete library is searchable and every game has a details-view in which people can discuss the game or arrange a meeting to play their beloved games together.


I started my childhood games as an experiment and to freshen up my model-view-controller (MVC) skills. If you’re interested to takeover my childhood games, feel free to contact me. It’s fully functional and ready to go live.


my childhood games - Profile view

my childhood games - Game view

my childhood games - Library view

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