Michael Xander in Los Angeles, USA

I’m Michael Xander, a maker at heart.

I’ve been building products since the age of fourteen. Since then I graduated from university, worked as a product manager, led teams, co-founded a startup, and lived as a digital nomad in a number of cities, including New York, San Francisco, Austin, Lisbon, and Madrid.

Current Ventures

I’m the co-founder (design, tech) of the online magazine My Morning Routine, through which I’ve interviewed many high-level individuals, including Ivanka Trump, Rand Fishkin, Cameron Russell, M.G. Siegler, and Yuko Shimizu. With over 9,000 subscribers, we have been featured in TV, magazines, newspapers, and on many major websites.

For more on me, head over to my FAQ or say hi on Twitter if you’d like to meet up. I’m currently in Berlin, Germany.


I’m available for product design work, but don’t take on new freelance projects. Here’s my CV.

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